Selling your property has never been easier with our Modern and Traditional methods of auction!

At Whitlocks Estate Agents, we pride ourselves on offering our clients with a comprehensive selection of property services which also includes Selling and Buying properties at Auction.

We are in partnership with iamsold, the leading UK and Ireland auction provider!

Our Auction Partner, iamsold, host Online auctions 24hours a day, 365 days a year and together we are able to provide our clients with a simple, fast and efficient service often at a fraction of the price of an Open Market/Private Treaty sale.

Our expert team will also be on hand to offer you the extra support and guidance when you need it most!

Not to mention our Online Auction Events being COVID friendly and without the need to attend an Auction in person.

If you are interested in Selling or Buying at Auction or would like more information on both methods, please contact our friendly team to arrange a Free, No Obligation Valuation or Advice Meeting.

Types of Auctions

Modern Online Auction

The title speaks for itself, this is the most modern and fuss free way to buy and sell a property. It combines Traditional Auction and Private Treaty Sales with 21st century technology.

It is based online meaning it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ensuring you never miss an opportunity to Buy or Sell.

Because the Auction is online and can be accessed via our website, this also means you will not be required to take any time off work or out of your personal life to travel to the Auction Event.

It also offers the least in person interaction, meaning that not only is it convenient it also helps to limit COVID contact.

Modern Method of Auction also offers more realistic and flexible timescales, which allows time for mortgages to be arranged and ultimately results in a larger selection of able buyers and encourages higher prices to be achieved.

The limit is 56 days, from a solicitor being in receipt of draft contracts to exchange and complete.

The Modern Method of Auction process and online format is now the preferred way of Buying and Selling via Auction. It has not only changed the perception of Auction sales over the last 10 years, but it has also proved to be a more popular and favourable route due to its convenience and innovative approach which has resulted in increased interest.

Traditional Auction

This traditional form of Auction dates back centuries and is now associated mainly with selling properties that are un-mortgageable and are on restrictive timeframes for a quick exchange and completion.

Once bidding finishes, the winning bidder will be required to place a 10% deposit plus any applicable fees, immediately exchange contracts and then complete the transaction within 28 days of the auction taking place. The shorter time period can affect the number of buyers available and subsequently may affect the overall price attained, however, some Sellers may appreciate the quicker completion date.

In the past, this method would take place on a specific date, time and physical location, however, our Traditional Auction can still take place online, mitigating the historic limitations of physical in-room Auctions if you’re not able to attend.

Our overall opinion: We believe the Modern Auction approach offers a more efficient, versatile and appealing process providing you are able to wait a bit longer for completion to take place.

For more information click here for: Selling and Buying at Auction.

Our Auction Services are available throughout many areas of West Sussex and Hampshire.

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