Our COVID19 Health & Safety Appointment Policy

The health & safety of our clients, communities & team is of paramount importance therefore we have prepared this policy to be adhered to during the Coronavirus Pandemic period.

Please be advised that whilst we will take all reasonable care to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Sellers, occupiers & applicants are ultimately responsible for their own personal safety & undertake/accept appointments at their own risk. We reserve the right to cancel an appointment on the spot if our policy is not adhered to, for the safety of our clients & staff.

Prior to booking any ‘in person’ appointment

·         The applicant (or anyone in their household) can confirm, they have not had symptoms of the Coronavirus within the last 14 days.

·         The applicant has been offered a virtual tour/video of the property & spoken to a member of staff regarding their specific requirements to make sure the property is suitable & within their price range.

·         The applicant is in a position to proceed, i.e. they have secured a buyer on their own property (with a complete chain) or can proceed without selling.

·         If purchasing with a mortgage, the applicant has a current agreement in principle for a mortgage (AIP) which has been issued after 1st April 2020.

·         The applicant is able to provide their own hand sanitiser & PPE, i.e. face covering as a minimum & ideally gloves & shoe covers.

·         The applicant is to wears socks, with slip on/off shoes to the appointment if they do not have shoe covers.

·         The applicant agrees not to touch any surface/handle at the property.

Prior to attending any ‘in person’ appointment

·         The seller/occupier/applicant (or anyone in their household) can confirm, they have not had symptoms of the Coronavirus within the last 14 days.

·         We will call you on the day of the appointment to re confirm the above point.

·         The seller/occupier has cleaned the property including internal/external door handles & surfaces etc before vacating the property, leaving internal doors & cupboards open. They will also switch any necessary lights on.

·         The seller/occupier confirms they will vacate the property, as will their pets for the duration of the viewing, stay in their outdoor space or vehicle is perfectly adequate.

·         The applicant should arrive already wearing their own PPE, face covering as a minimum & ideally gloves, socks with slip on/off shoes or shoe covers.

·         The applicant must wait outside the property (preferably in their vehicle) until the staff member confirms they can come in.

At the appointment

·         No more than two adults, in addition to the staff member may attend an appointment.

·         No children or infants may attend an appointment.

·         Under no circumstances should hands be shaken.

·         The applicant is to put shoe covers on if available or take their shoes off where required.

·         A 2-metre distance should be maintained between all parties, at all times.

·         The internal appointment should last no longer than 15 minutes, a second appointment can be arranged at a later date if required & we can discuss any questions you have over the phone or by email.

·         The applicant is to take their waste with them such as masks, shoe covers, wipes & gloves & sanitise their hands after leaving the property.

Our Staff requirements

·         The staff member (or anyone in their household) can confirm, they have not had symptoms of the Coronavirus within the last 14 days. Please inform the sellers/occupiers/applicants of this information.

·         On the day of the appointment, ensure the seller/occupiers/applicants (or anyone in their household) can confirm, they have not had symptoms of the Coronavirus within the last 14 days.

·         Please ensure at all times you have your PPE equipment i.e. hand sanitiser, gloves, & face masks.

·         Only one person may be in the car at any one time – we cannot chauffeur clients.

·         Ensure you wear socks & slip on/off shoes for appointments.

·         Make sure you arrive at any appointment early to ensure the property is not occupied, open all door & appropriate windows – do not enter without your PPE.

·         PPE must be worn on all appointments, please ensure you are seen by the seller/occupier applying your hand sanitiser, gloves & face mask.

·         Under no circumstances should hands be shaken.

·         Applicants should be wearing a face covering as a minimum & ideally gloves, alternatively please advise them to not to touch anything.

·         Maintain a 2-metre distance at all times.

·         Sanitise any surfaces/door handles between appointments & place waste in a plastic bag.

·         Please dispose of all items, i.e. gloves, masks wipes/paper towels in a plastic bag to be stored in the boot of the company vehicle.

·         Sanitise your hands before getting back into the company vehicle.

·         Wash your hands immediately upon returning home/to the office.

·         The staff member must alert their appointed health & safety officer (Natasha Watts) to any breach of the above that could result in a possible contamination.


We thank you in advance for your understanding & co-operation, these policies have been put in place to ensure we can operate safely.

Should these policies not be adhered to, we fear the infection rate will rise & the government will no longer allow the housing market to stay open.

Stay Alert

Control the Virus

Save Lives