Our COVID19 Health & Safety Office Policy

The health & safety of our clients, communities & team is of paramount importance therefore we have prepared this policy to be adhered to during the Coronavirus Pandemic period.

For visitors to our office

·         The visitor (or anyone in their household) can confirm, they have not had symptoms of the Coronavirus within the last 14 days.

·         We have a small office, with only one access door – we are operating an appointment only service at this moment in time. Our office door will remain locked, we will call you in for your appointment when safe to do so.

·         Only one visitor to enter at a time (two people from the same household may enter).

·         Please maintain a 2-metre distance from our staff at all times.

·         If handing over paperwork or keys please post these through our letter box or wait outside & we will come out to collect them.

·         We will sanitise keys with antibacterial spray prior to collecting or handover.

·         We will regularly sanitise our external/internal door handles.

·         To lessen the risk of transmission we will aim to be a paperless office; documents or property details will be emailed where possible.

·         Hand sanitiser which contains 80% alcohol will be made available for use for all visitors.

·         If you are collecting keys, we will sign our key signing out book on your behalf & leave the keys outside our office once we have seen you are ready to collect.

For our Team In the office

·         The staff member (or anyone in their household) can confirm, they have not had symptoms of the Coronavirus within the last 14 days.

·         Please sanitise the front door handle & keyhole before entering with your individual antibacterial spray provided.

·         Upon arrival to work (or returning to the office) please immediately wash your hands.

·         If you are first in please open internal office doors, blinds & windows, sanitising the handles & alarm box as you go, carefully dispose of the waste.

·         Maintain 2-metre distance from colleagues where possible.

·         Maintain a 2-metre distance from visitors at all times.

·         Only one person to enter the kitchen & bathroom at a time.

·         No more than two staff members to be in the office at one time.

·         Ensure keys are sanitised with antibacterial spray prior to collecting them from a client or handover.

·         After any interaction with a visitor or key handling immediately wash your hands or use the hand sanitiser provided on your desk.

·         Do not use another staff members computer, phone or stationary. Please sanitise your work station, internal/external door handles, surfaces etc regularly throughout the day & at the end of the day, carefully dispose of the waste.

·         Please use your own mug & glass for the day & wash these up at the end of the day.

·         Use the paper towels provided after washing your hands & carefully dispose of the waste.


We thank you in advance for your understanding & co-operation, these policies have been put in place to ensure we can operate safely.

Should these policies not be adhered to, we fear the infection rate will rise & the government will no longer allow the housing market to stay open.

Stay Alert

Control the Virus

Save Lives