The Loves of Homeowners across Bognor Regis

A 60 second speed read.

With Valentine’s Day coming up at the weekend, we look at 4 reasons why Bognor Regis property owners think their homes are dreamy.

Top four things people love about their homes

1. A room with a view

Beautiful views are calming, provide distraction, and reduce claustrophobia. Lucky homeowners who look out upon an unspoilt view are also less likely to be overlooked by their neighbours. So, they needn’t worry about people from over the road seeing them in their PJs!

2. Home is where the heart is

Undoubtedly, for many homeowners, what they love most about their home is not the size, look, or location, but the memories created in them. The children’s heights marked in pencil on the door frame, the old oak tree, climbed a thousand times, even the tiny holes in your little boy’s bedroom wall from misdirected dart throwing.

3. The house that you built

Designing and building a home or extension can be an incredibly exciting (and stressful!) experience. Whether it’s an upstairs laundry room or a dedicated dog shower, homebuilders can create a unique home that they love.

4. Location, location, location

This list wouldn’t be complete without including that well known saying. We feel proud to call Bognor Regis our home and thousands of Bognor Regis property owners say that this takes the top spot in things they love about their home!