Selling your Bognor Regis Home in 2022?

If you are thinking of selling your property in Bognor Regis in 2022, we have put together our top tips to help you select the perfect Estate Agent for you.

Choosing the right Estate Agent is a very important decision and one not to be taken lightly.

You need to choose someone who you feel you can trust, who has plenty of experience, and above all who will always act in your best interests.

Research local Estate Agents

Make a shortlist of Agents you want to research

See who has been selling properties in your area on the internet and by looking for boards.

We strongly advise against any online Estate Agents – if you would like more information, please call us!

Read their About Us and Meet the Team page

Look at their website, read their About Us and Meet the Team page – read why they got started, what their ethos is, and take a look at their Team page to see who will be working for us.

Does the business owner work in the organisation still? If so, this is a huge plus!

Read their reviews

Reviews are very important; this will provide you with an insight into the service and will show you past clients experiences.

Speak to your friends and family

See if they have dealt with any and can make a recommendation for you, no doubt they will know someone who has moved or may have even used someone themselves.

Arranging the Valuation

Once you have made a shortlist of 3 local Agents in Bognor Regis, contact them by telephone to arrange an appointment. By calling them, you will get a better idea of who creates a warm and welcoming introduction – let’s not forget, your potential buyers will also be dealing with the team, and they will be trying to sell your home.

By this point, you will already have a good idea of who impressed you in advance of the Valuation.

First impressions count!

At the Valuation

Value of your Bognor Regis home

The Estate Agent will look around your home and advise you of what price they feel your property is worth – they may ask how much you would like to achieve.

Do not answer this question!

They are here to value your property, by answering this question they may tell you what you want to hear and it may result in the valuation figure not being realistic nor honest.


This will also be the opportunity for the Agent to sell themselves and try to encourage you to choose them.

Please remember, Estate Agents are masters at negotiating and selling! Try not to get sucked into their impressive pitch and remember to ask these questions:

What does their service includes; Photos? EPC & Floor Plan? Marketing? Viewings? After Sales Care?

What can they offer you? Why should you choose them?

Try to also find out information about their company, their team and get a good feel with who you feel most comfortable with.

Fees / Tie in Periods

They will also charge a commission fee for selling your property either based on a fixed fee or more commonly a % of the value.

Ask what their commission fee is and what it would include? Are there any additional costs involved? Is their fee reasonable? Can they negotiate?

Are there any upfront costs? Is there a withdrawal fee?

Every Agent’s contact is different, and we suggest you do not make a decision on the spot, ask for a copy of their terms of business so you can take your time and read through the small print.

Choosing your Estate Agent in Bognor Regis

After the valuations have gone ahead – have the Agents tried to contact you?

Have they written to you with a valuation letter?

Have they chased you up to see if you are ready to sell? Are they being pushy and pressurising you to go with them?

An Estate Agent should be impressive right from the first phone call through to the end.

Think back to that first phone call, did the team impress you – or was it the person on the day?

A company is only as good as its Team – they could have the best recommendation in the world but it will be the Team you will be putting your property and trust in.

At Whitlocks Estate Agents, we like to think that we would offer every single one of our clients an impressive experience from start to finish, with customer service, honesty, and integrity at the forefront of our minds.

If you would like to arrange a Free Valuation of your home, our Team would be delighted to hear from you.