What four things are terrifying landlords in Bognor Regis?

There are many different fears we all have in life.

There’s the fear of scary clowns like the one made infamous by the horror classic It.

Or more everyday things like fear of failure, of missing out or missing the bus.

One of the things we have become very skilled at over the years we have been working in the Bognor Regis rental market is helping landlords overcome their fears.

And below are four things landlords fear. The good news is we know how to put these nightmares to bed once and for all.

1)      Terrifying Tenants. Most tenants are great people, but one bad experience can leave landlords emotionally scarred. Proper vetting of prospective tenants through careful referencing can exorcise this fear.

2)      Devilish Debt. No one likes losing money, and that’s why landlords break out into a cold sweat at the thought of their rent not being paid. Again, good referencing plays a big part in reducing the risk of arrears, as does good communication with tenants to head off any rent issues before they become problems.

3)      DIY Hell. We don’t mean the usual do it yourself approach to putting up a shelf or fixing a leaky tap. Many landlords have discovered to their peril just how hard it is to do everything themselves when it comes to managing their rental property. There’s all the paperwork, the laws, the accounting, the maintenance, the list goes on. The good news is we can help with all that and make it a lot less frightening for you.

4)      Scary Lettings Agents. Just like Halloween parties some are a lot better than others (the 2020 vintage looks like one we’ll need to forget thanks to Covid-19!). A good letting agent, like us, will banish those scary spectres away. That’s because we market our landlords’ properties properly, we carry out referencing and inspections correctly, and we always treat our landlords and tenants with courtesy, professionalism, and respect. Plus, we never trick anyone.

We hope this helps and if you’re feeling brave and wanting to get in the spirit of Halloween why not check out the 2012 supernatural horror film “Sinister” starring Ethan Hawke. It has been crowned the scariest movie ever made.

This is due to heart rate tests carried out on viewers of a selection of horror films by a study called ‘The Science of Scare Project.’ What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?

Happy Halloween from all of us at Whitlocks.